Who was the beloved disciple who wrote the Gospel of John is answered in The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved a new book anyone can download online as a free printable Bible study. Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved? The evidence in the Bible proves that this beloved disciple was not John The fourth Gospel (a.k.a. the Gospel of John) says the author was the other disciple whom Jesus loved
The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved is a book that reveals the identity of the unnamed writer of the fourth Gospel.
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The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

If God’s word taught a truth you had missed,
how soon would you want to know about it?

A better Bible study method

Two people who both claim to respect God’s word may hold contrary views about what scripture teaches. So, if people can consider a passage of scripture and reach opposite conclusions about the truth that it presents, then what causes this?

More important, how can people can test their beliefs to know if their views regarding the teaching of scripture on a particular issue are correct or not?

A warning for the followers of Jesus

Several Bible passages present the phrase "be not deceived" as a warning to followers of Jesus. This lets us know it is possible for believers to be deceived.

In addition, each of those passages goes on to tell the followers of Jesus how they can avoid being deceived. Therefore, believers can avoid falling prey to errant beliefs provided they are willing to heed the counsel that is found in God’s word.

A Better Bible Study Method, Book Two

How to distinguish truth from error on biblical issues?

Prove All Things, A Better Bible Study Method, Book Two explains why.

"Be Not Deceived" is also the title of a new book that will help anyone who has a love of the truth and wants to gain a better understanding of the Bible.

The counsel in God’s word urges trust in the authority of scripture when one is seeking to distinguish truth from error on biblical issues. Better results are achieved if this counsel is followed consistently, as the results of the case studies in this book will show.

A Bible study method that follows the counsel in God's word

To distinguish truth from error, one must use a proper measure of truth. People can easily be misled if they rely on non-Bible sources and the opinions of men as their measure of truth on biblical issues.

The evidence-based Bible study method modeled in this book shows how truth can be distinguished from error when the testimony of scripture is our measure of truth. Read this free Bible study to see for yourself if it truly presents a better Bible study method.

Be Not Deceived, A Better Bible Study Method - Book Two, free eBook and free printable download

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